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Finance Series 15


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141. Value of a bond just depends on the interest payment is offers.

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142. In a variable growth model, the dividend is believed to grow at a constant pace forever after an initial growth period.

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143. For a bond YTM is always equal to coupon rate.

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144. When the concept of ratio is defined in respected to the items shown in the financial statements, it is termed as

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145. The definition, “The term accounting ratio is used to describe significant relationship which exist between figures shown in a balance sheet, in a profit and loss account, in a budgetary control system or in a any part of the accounting organization” is given by

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146. The relationship between two financial variables can be expressed in:

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147. Liquidity ratios are expressed in

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148. Which of the following statements are true about Ratio Analysis?

A) Ratio analysis is useful in financial analysis.
B) Ratio analysis is helpful in communication and coordination
C) Ratio Analysis is not helpful in identifying weak spots of the business.
D) Ratio Analysis is helpful in financial planning and forecasting.

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149. The ratio analysis is helpful to management in taking several decisions, but as a mechanical substitute for judgment and thinking, it is worse than useless.

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150. Profit for the objective of calculating a ratio may be taken as

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