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Finance Series 3


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21. Consider the below mentioned statements: 1. The dividends are not cumulative for equity shareholders, that is, they cannot be accumulated and distributed in the later years. 2. Dividends are taxable. State True or False:

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22. ____________ and____________ carry a fixed rate of interest and are to be paid off irrespective of the firm’s revenues.

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23. Consider the below mentioned statements: 1. A debt-equity ratio of 2:1 indicates that for every 1 unit of equity, the company can raise 2 units of debt. 2. The cost of floating a debt is greater than the cost of floating an equity issue. State True or False:

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24. Credit policy of every company is largely influenced by _____________ and _____________.

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25. XYZ is an oil based business company, which does not have adequate working capital. It fails to meet its current obligation, which leads to bankruptcy. Identify the type of decision involved to prevent risk of bankruptcy.

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26. The rate of interest offered by the fixed deposit scheme of a bank for 365 days and above is 12%. What will be the status of Rs. 20000, after two years if it is invested at this point of time?

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27. How are earnings per share calculated?

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28. Which of the following would NOT improve the current ratio?

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29. The gross profit margin is unchanged, but the net profit margin declined over the same period. This could have happened if

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30. Palo Alto Industries has a debt-to-equity ratio of 1.6 compared with the industry average of 1.4. This means that the company

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