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Finance Series 5


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41. All of the following influence capital budgeting cash flows EXCEPT:

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42. The estimated benefits from a project are expressed as cash flows instead of income flows because:

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43. A capital investment is one that

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44. A profitability index of .85 for a project means that:

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45. Which of the following statements is correct?

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46. A project's profitability index is equal to the ratio of the of a project's future cash flows to the project's .

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47. The discount rate at which two projects have identical is referred to as Fisher's rate of intersection.

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48. Two mutually exclusive investment proposals have "scale differences" (i.e., the cost of the projects differ). Ranking these projects on the basis of IRR, NPV, and PI methods give contradictory results.

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49. Preferred shareholders' claims on assets and income of a firm come those of creditors those of common shareholders.

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50. You are considering two mutually exclusive investment proposals, project A and project B. B's expected value of net present value is $1,000 less than that for A and A has less dispersion. On the basis of risk and return, you would say that

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