Finance Management Series-7 Quiz

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Finance Series 7


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61. Net working capital refers to

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62. Marketable securities are primarily

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63. Which would be an appropriate investment for temporarily idle corporate cash that will be used to pay quarterly dividends three months from now?

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64. Which of the following marketable securities is the obligation of a commercial bank?

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65. The basic requirement for a firm's marketable securities.

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66. A firm's inventory turnover (IT) is 5 times on a cost of goods sold (COGS) of $800,000. If the IT is improved to 8 times while the COGS remains the same, a substantial amount of funds is released from or additionally invested in inventory. In fact,

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67. Ninety-percent of X company's total sales of $600,000 is on credit. If its year-end receivables turnover is 5, the average collection period (based on a 365-day year) and the year-end receivables are, respectively:

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68. Costs of not carrying enough inventory include:

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69. Which of the following relationships hold true for safety stock?

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70. Increasing the credit period from 30 to 60 days, in response to a similar action taken by all of our competitors, would likely result in:

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