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Finance Series 8


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71. The credit policy of Spurling Products is "1.5/10, net 35." At present 30% of the customers take the discount, 62% pay within the net period, and the rest pay within 45 days of invoice. What would receivables be if all customers took the cash discount?

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72. An increase in the firm's receivable turnover ratio means that:

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73. A single, overall cost of capital is often used to evaluate projects because:

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74. The cost of equity capital is all of the following EXCEPT:

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75. In calculating the proportional amount of equity financing employed by a firm, we should use:

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76. In calculating the costs of the individual components of a firm's financing, the corporate tax rate is important to which of the following component cost formulas?

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77. The common stock of a company must provide a higher expected return than the debt of the same company because

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78. A quick approximation of the typical firm's cost of equity may be calculated by

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79. Market values are often used in computing the weighted average cost of capital because

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80. Rank in ascending order (i.e., 1 = lowest, while 3 = highest) the likely after-tax component costs of a Company's long-term financing.

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