General knowledge Series-17

GK-17 quiz, competitive Exam Preparation like UPSC, SSC, RRB, SDA and FDA etc…

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General knowledge Series 17


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Q.161 Who won the gold medal in football at the Sydney Olympics 2000?

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Q.162 Who won the gold medal for 400 metres run at two consecutive Olympic Games ?

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Q,163 What is the age from which certain category of sports persons winning gold medals at international level are entitled to receive pension ?

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Q.164 Which country won the World Junior Hockey Championship in 2001?

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Q.165 Who won the Gold Medal in football at the Sydney Olympics, 2000?

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Q.166 Who is the first Aborigine to win a Gold Medal at the Olympic Games?

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Q.167 Which of the following won the gold medal of football in Sydney Olympics 2000?

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Q.168  In Sydney Olympic 2000, the maximum number of medals won by a woman sportsperson was

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Q.169 Who was the Captain of the West Indies team that was defeated by the Indian Cricket team in 1983 to win the Prudential World Cup ?

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Q.170 When was the first Commonwealth Games held ?

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