5th Grade Geometry Shapes Quiz and Notes

 5th grade Geometry Shapes

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Geometry Quiz

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the volume of the cuboid

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Q.2) the plane geometry contains

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q.3) single line in a space called

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in a space single point contains

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two parallel lines intersect

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a closed triangle plane shape

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a single line segment is drawn by

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a equilateral triangle has all sides are equal

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a closed plane shape with 4 sides

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a close plane square with 5 sides

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5th grade geometry shapes and also 5th Grade quiz 

Construction of Angles:=

5th grade geometry shapes Angles are constructed using protractor, protractor you need to construct certain angles draw an angle 60 ° using a protractor meter.

<AOB =60°

OA place the protractor meter coincide ‘O’ to the left base line OA mark the protractor meter from left to right and against 90°, after that remove the protractor meter and draw the line point ‘O’.

5th Standard Math’s Notes 

Example : Draw the angle 45°

Protractor meter are place on the panel Q center it coincide with Q is a base lone which is lying on PQ, R is against the protractor of 45°, remove the protractor meter and draw the line PQR=45°.

Circles:- Circles are drawn using bangles

The first figure are not using a line the figure is called circle closed. And the next two figure are drawn using the line.

How to draw circle

  • Using bangle, take one blank sheet, draw the outline of the sheet draw closed circle is called circle.
  • Draw the circle using compass : Compass is box in the placed an instruments in a geometry box, in that shape pencils and needles kept on point O and rotate the pencil from start to end complete one rotation back to start point.

Circles defines it is a closed curve whose points which are equal to the distance from a given point called center of circle.

Different parts of circles:-

  • Radius : joining the two points in a circle are called radius.


All the radii of circle are equal.

We draw the number of radii of the circle.

  • Circumference :- Distance around the circle is called circumference.


ABCA is lying on a circle.

  • Chord:- Combining two point in a circle draw a line of segment is called chord.


AB, CD, EF, and GH are chords of circles.

  • Diameters:- Is a line of segment of combining two points and grouping through the center is called diameter.

Diameter= 2 * Radius

Example:-  B to C is the circle of a diameter

  • Interior and Exterior of Circle:- The region inside the circle is called interior, The region outside the circle is called exterior.


A and B are Interior, C and D are Exterior.

  • Semicircle:- Diameter are divided into two equal parts, each part is called semicircle.


  • Quadrant:- Circles are divided into 4 equal parts, each part of the circle is called Quadrant. The circles are divided into 4 equal parts and it can be written as 1/4.


  • Arc:- The circumference of a circle is called arc.


  • Concentric Circles:- The circles which has same center but different radii is called concentric circles.