Historical Series-13

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Historical Series 13


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Q.121 In which year Bindusara was born?

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Q.122 Which of the following pillar edicts mentions about the social code?

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Q.123 Duties on imported and exported goods was referred to as which of the following during the Mauryan period?

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Q.124 On which of the following, the new material culture of the Gangetic basin was based?

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Q.125 From which of the following places Hathigumpha inscriptions were found?

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Q.126 The rulers of Vijayanagar promoted

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Q.127 Which one of the following was the capital of Hoyasals?

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Q.128 Where is the famous Virupaksha Temple located?

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Q.129 Bijapur is known for its

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Q.130 Sufi Kalam, a type of devotional music, is the characteristic of

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