Historical Series-1

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Historical Series 1


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Q.1 Harihara Raya I who ruled the Vijaynagara Empire for the period 1336-1356 belonged to which dynasty?

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Q.2 During the Gupta Empire, the term “UPARIKARA” was used for

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Q.3 Tuluva Narasa who ruled the Vijaynagara Empire for the period 1491-1503 belonged to which dynasty?

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Q.4 Chola Empire was divided into:

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Q.5 For which period did Harihara Raya II of Sangma dynasty ruled the Vijaynagara Empire?

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Q.6 The traces of Janapadas and Mahajanpadas are found in___?

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Q.7 Which one of the following was the capital of Kosala?

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Q.8 Champa was the capital of which one of the following Mahajanapadas in Ancient India?

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Q.9 Bimbisara was the founder of which one of the following dynasties?

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Q.10 A Janapadin was the ___ of a janapada.

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