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In this blog section, we will discuss how to use stock volume as a trading signal. It’s an important part of your toolkit and understanding it is vital for success. Volume by price identifies the total volume traded at each price level. Another mistake to avoid is relying too heavily on volume data alone. While analysing volume is a valuable tool, it should form part of a broader strategy supported by other technical indicators. One of the most effective uses of volume is for confirming a price trend.

how to use volume

So if volume is your only criteria, you’ll find a lot of stocks that aren’t trading exceptional volume. The most basic way to calculate relative volume is to divide the day’s volume by the average volume. Every move in the market happens because of supply and demand.

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If a potential sign of reversal appears on the chart, the rise in Volumes can tell you that the reverse is so strong it signals a possible trend change. Sometimes, their actions can be noticed on the charts as patterns. If the breakout happens on low volumes, it’s better to avoid entering this trade. If there’s a divergence between the price and the volume indicator, it signals a potential reversal of the existing trend. As a rule of thumb, any price breakout or trend that is accompanied by above average volume could be considered more significant than price movements that are not.

On the other hand, you subtract the trading volume if the cryptocurrency closes at a lower level than the previous day. As you can see in the image above with the SIGA example, many stocks will run up on news, and then pull back. Make sure you test your buying and selling strategies before you risk any money based on RVOL.


When the container starts, the path /external-drive mounts thedisk.raw file from the host filesystem as a block device. Losetup creates an ephemeral loop device that’s removed after system reboot, or manually removed with how to increase your brokerage trading volume losetup -d. You can mount a Samba share directly in Docker without configuring a mount point on your host. For more information about using volumes with Compose, refer to theVolumessection in the Compose specification.

how to use volume

A breakout accompanied by low volume suggests enthusiasm is lacking. The Volume Price Trend refers to a volume indicator that helps traders ascertain a security’s price direction and the extent of the price change. The VPT is often compared to the OBV indicator as both indicators serve to gauge cumulative volume, providing traders with information about the money flow of security. Essentially, security price movements represent accumulation or distribution, depending on their direction. However, these movements can be misleading as sometimes, beneath a simple move up or down, price trends may be building. For this treason, investors look at other signs to confirm price signals, such as the market volume.

How to find the relative volume of a stock?

The indicator is also frequently used together with MAs and the average directional index to confirm market trends. As indicated, traders use the TVI to gauge accumulation or distribution within security. As an example, let’s say the price change in a security is greater than MTV and has been on the rise for several hours. This indicates that investors are currently accumulating the security, generating a bullish signal that the price of the security could jump further due to the bullish sentiment.

It is specified that the past performance of a financial product does not prejudge in any way their future performance. The foreign exchange market and derivatives such as CFDs , Non-Deliverable Bitcoin Settled Products and Short-Term Bitcoin Settled Contracts involve a high degree of risk. They require a good level of financial knowledge and experience.

Downside breakout accompanied by heavy volume

When price and cumulative volume split directions, a divergence occurs. While it is difficult to know if the market is in an actual reversal or a continuation pattern, investors look to volume and candlestick charts, which is a viewing option on nearly all stock charts. Essentially, a noticeable increase in volume means that investors have found a stock interesting for some reason—either because they think it’s going up, or because they feel it might go down. Therefore, increased volume is neither a good or a bad omen—but in most cases, it means that something is going on and that the stock price will change, at least temporarily. Sonos’ trading volume went from 9.44 million to 44.7 million, which caused the stock price to go from $17/share to $22.37/share. The price didn’t reach the moon, but it has been steadily rising since.

  • It is merely the ratio between two moving averages of volume.
  • Likewise, if prices are heading downward and are making new lows and volume increases, the sellers are becoming more and more interested as price falls .
  • To calculate OBV, add or subtract the current trading volume from the previous OBV value.
  • Traders use the Volume RSI by trading the signals that are produced on the crossover of the indicator and the 50% center line.
  • I Everything You ever wanted to know about our volume strategy for trading.

In reality, the color of the bar is just a reflection of the price candle’s closing direction, and does not determine the directional quality of the underlying trading volume. Usually, high trading volume during a crash results in relief. The chart below shows the recent Ethereum crash, where prices went as low as $897. We have discussed what volume is and you have figured out how to find the indicator on your chart.

How is Volume Buzz different from Most Active?

Like A/D, a rising OBV line suggests that buying pressure is outpacing selling pressure, indicating that the price may continue on a bullish trend. It’s also a powerful tool for spotting divergences between price and volume. Make sure you follow our favorite volume trading strategy for trading step-by-step guide to properly read the Forex trading volume.

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