Human Resource Management Series-12

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HRM Series 12


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Q111. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) is/are –

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Q112. What are the advantages of Inc

(i) Incentives are important for inducements and motivation of workers for higher efficiency & greater output

(ii) Increase in employee earnings, results in enhanced standard of living of employees

(iii) Productivity increases & production capacity too, with reduced supervision

(iv) Companies can reduce the burden of fixed costs by keeping a portion of the remuneration as variable

(v) Tendency to bypass quality in pursuit of increased output for higher incentives

(vi) Sometimes employees may disregard security regulations due to payment by results approach adopted for higher incentive figure

(vii) Overworking may affect employee health

(viii) Can demotivate employees not in a position to earn higher in­centive due to sectional differences

entive Based Compensations?

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Q113. Human Resource Planning (HRP) process is –

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Q114. Who is responsible to manage change?


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Q115. What are the roles of HRD professional?

(i) Planning – includes projections & planning for the skilled matrix of manpower required for the future organisation

(ii) Staffing – providing the competency matrix required to face fu­ture challenges

(iii) Employee Development – identify cost effective & modem methods of training for skill & competency development

(iv) Performance Management – Developing an entire gamut of per­formance linked measures to align individual performance to the overall corporate performance

(v) Employee Rewards – with emphasis on pay for performance & developing an incentive scheme that would reduce fixed costs at the same time being motivating

(vi) Maintaining quality of Work Life & Discipline – with the impact of global workforce it is necessary to develop a linked work-life dis­cipline for all employees in the organisation


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Q116. What are the objectives of HRM?

(i) Societal Objectives

(ii) Organisational Objectives

(iii) Functional Objectives

(iv) Personal Objectives.

(v) Statistical Objectives.

Q116. What are the objectives of HRM?

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Q117. HRM refers to –

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Q118. How can a good employment brand help HR?

(i) Keep ahead in the talent war

(ii) Attract & induce the right kind of people she is looking for

(iii) Enhance her ability to get quality resumes to choose from

(iv) Retain her existing employee pool

(v) Subsequently see a dip in employee turnover

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Q119. How an Individual Training needs

(i) Performance Appraisals

(ii) Interviews

(iii) Questionnaires

(iv) Employee Engagement surveys

(v) Training Feedback

are identified?

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Q120. Job Rotation can be defined as –

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