Human Resource Management Series -5

Human Resource Management Series -5 Quiz MBA and Competitive Exams  RBB,SSC,BBA Entrance exams Solving quiz you will prepare yourself..
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HRM Series 5


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Q41. Which pair in order of sequences represents the first and last steps in a T&D programme?

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Q42. Career development involves

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Q.43. When an employee expresses organisationally desired emotions during interpersonal transactions, then it is known as_______________ .

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Q44. Job evaluation essentially seeks to

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Q45. Grievance redressal, discipline, collective bargaining are_______________ of HRM.

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Q46. The content of job description involves_______________.

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Q47. How can one distinguish between the Japanese management system and other management systems?

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Q48. In-basket training is involved in

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Q49. To calculate the number of persons required for various jobs with reference to a planned output is called

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Q50. What are the major hurdles that require immediate action by HRM for the progress of Indian economy?

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