Human Resource Management Series-6

The following quiz on Human Resource Management Series -6 Quiz, question 10, there is no time limit ,  Solving quiz you will prepare yourself..

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HRM Series 6


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Q51. Who is generally known as “the father of modern management theory”?

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Q52. Which of the following is considered the first wage incentive plan in modern industrial era?

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Q53. Concept of MBO was first developed by

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Q54. Industrial discipline ordinarily does not imply

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Q55. A strike called by a section of workers/union members without authorisation from proper authority of the union is called

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Q56. Which is a form of participative management?

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Q57. Social factor having a potent bearing on HRM practices in India includes

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Q58. T&D programme in international HRM should give due attention to

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Q57. International staffing does not give much emphasis on the consideration of

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Q60. The advantages of staffing from amongst the host country nationals generally do not include

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