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Insurance agent exam mock test

General Insurance Agent Questions and answer in English


Life Insurance Agent Questions and answer in English


Who conducts insurance agent exam

IRDA conducts Insurance Agent Exam, IRDA or  Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India is a regulatory body under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Finance, Government of India. IRDA the apex body that supervises and regulates the insurance sector in India. and is tasked with regulating and licensing the insurance and re-insurance industries in India.  IRDA not only looks over the life insurance, but also general insurance companies operating within the country.

What is Eligibility Criteria of insurance agent exam :


  1. Age:A candidate must be above 18 years of age and there is no upper age limit
  2. Minimum Educational Qualification:12th pass for urban area residents and 10th pass for rural area residents (if the population is less than 5000).
  3. Essentiality: To appear in the IRDA IC38 exam, a person must first be an insurer of the insurance company they wish to join. They will then have to attend 50 hours of training from an IRDA approved training institute to be called a life, general or health insurance agent.
  • The training will be 75 hours for the first-time candidate.
  • The insurance company will tie up with the training providers and they will arrange the training.

What is insurance agent  Exam Scheme:

There is no specific date fixed for the IRDA exam. When a group of applicants apply for it, the conducting body (Insurance Institute of India) conducts this IRDA exam accordingly. When the Insurance Institute of India releases the notification for the conduct of this exam, then the person willing to appear in this exam has to book their slot to appear in the exam.

There will be an online test consisting of 50 multiple-choice questions for 1 hour. Each question is of one mark. A person has to get 35% marks to pass this exam. The exam consists of 4 sections which are as follows:-

1.Common ChaptersIntroduction to Insurance, Customer Service, Grievance Redressal Mechanism, Regulatory Aspects of Insurance Agents, Legal Principle of an Insurance Contract
2.Life InsuranceWhat Life Insurance involves, Financial Planning, Life Insurance Products 1 and 2, Applications of Life Insurance, Pricing and valuation in Life Insurance, Documentation- Proposal Stage and Policy condition, Underwriting, Payments under a Life Insurance Policy
3.Health InsuranceIntroduction to Health Insurance, Insurance Documentation, Health Insurance Products, Health Insurance Claims, Health Insurance Underwriting
4.General InsuranceProviding Technical Product Information, Providing professional advice, Fulfilling legal and regulatory requirements, Understanding Customer Protection and Ethics

Issuance of Admit Card and Exam:

Admit cards for the IRDA IC38 exam will be available after slot booking. Candidates can download their admit cards online after entering their registration number and password.

A candidate has to appear at the examination centre with an admit card (in hard copy) and original photo identity proof issued by the government authority.


is part time work as insurance agent best way to earn in india

You may have so many thoughts in your mind as to what to do or how to make extra money if you are looking for ways to earn more money to live a good life. best way part time or full time work you can work as insurance agent, even if you are already employed. 

FAQ Related to insurance agent exam.


Q. Which exam for insurance agent.

Ans: IC-38 exam


Q. Which exam to clear for insurance agent?

Ans: Candidate needs to clear IC33 exam for Life Insurance & IC34 for General Insurance licence. There are so many benefits of becoming an insurance agents.


Q. What is qualification of an insurance agent?

Ans:  12th pass for urban area residents and 10th pass for rural area residents (if the population is less than 5000).


Q.  Which exam is for life insurance?

Ans : To become Life Insurance Agent in India a candidate should pass IRDA IC 38 Pre recruitment qualification exam. To become General Insurance Agent in India a candidate should pass IRDA IC 38 Exam.


Q. Insurance: What Is It?

Ans. Insuring against financial loss in which, in exchange for a fee, a party agrees to compensate another party in the event of a certain loss, damage, or injury. —a type of risk management primarily used to mitigate the risk of a contingent or accidental loss. Become a insurance agent in India by having specific skills.
Individuals and entities who purchase insurance are known as insureds or policyholders. An insured expects a guaranteed amount and recognizes a nearly minimal loss in the insurance transaction.
The insurer receives a payment in return to guarantee to pay the insured in case of a covered loss. Losses can be both financial and non-financial. However, we must reduce it to monetary terms. It usually refers to things where the insured has an insurable interest based on ownership and possession. Therefore, agents are in demand to sell insurance.


Q. Services That Insurance Agents Sell

Ans. The market offers a wide range of insurance options. The insurer receives a payment in return to guarantee to pay the insured in case of a covered loss. Now you have to decide which upright is right for you. If you want to trade insurance products, you should understand the following:

• Insurance for life
• Insurance for automobiles
• Insurance that protects your income
• Insurance for properties
• Insurance for burial
• Insurance for surplus lines
• Insurance against business interruption
• Insurance for travel
• A property and casualty insurer, for example, is a specific upright.
• At present, one can only join one life insurance company and one general insurance company. Further, one must register with an insurance company to take the exam. The company provides the training and license. Knowing which type of insurance one needs to market to become an insurance agent is necessary.


Q. What Is An Insurance Agent?

Ans: As a representative of insurance Company, an insurance agent acts as a client consultant. Insurance agents provide the necessary policies and other insurance requirements to the clients by educating them about the available options and resolving any related inquiries.


Q. Insurance Agents: Types

Ans. Insurance agents may differ according to the distribution channels used by insurance companies, as directed by the IRDA.
Internal insurance sales agent – Internal insurance sales agents are companies working full-time. They sell insurance policies only for the company.
Captive insurance agent- A captive insurance agent sells only the products of one insurance company.
Point of Sales Person – An independent broker or point of sale person is an IRDA-approved insurance agent who offers customers a variety of insurance policies from different insurance companies. With a license code from IRDA, POP can work with and sell multiple insurance policies to clients simultaneously.


Q. How do I become a general insurance agent in India?

Ans : if you want become a general, Life or Health Insurance Agent by visiting nearest general insurance company. or go her website and and fill the application form.


Q. Why do insurance agents quit?

Ans. Most agents quit because they can’t get enough sales to support themselves and their families. The only way to change that is to learn how to get more leads, better leads, and follow up on them. 


Q. What It Takes To Become An Insurance Agent

Ans. Insurance agents interested in becoming insurance agents in India must register online on the IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority in India) portal. In modern times, one can easily register online through the websites of insurance companies. They can also approach an insurance aggregator to get a wide selection of products and companies. For example, if someone is interested in becoming a LIC Insurance insurance POS advisor, they can contact the company by visiting its website or Partner Registration page. All you have to do is enter a few details, and LIC Insurance will get in touch shortly afterward.


Q. What is the training procedure for becoming an agent?

Ans. Insurance Company makes it easy to complete training and license in a few days. All you need is a few documents(Like You need to have a valid Aadhaar Card and PAN Card.) and a few steps. You must be over 18 years of age,You should have completed education up to at least Class 10  Additionally, you will have to complete 15 hours of online training before appearing for the IRDA certification exam, and all of that training is free. Furthermore, the IRDA website also provides study materials for insurance agents/POSP, which can assist them in understanding what it takes to become an insurance agent/POSP. The study materials are available in multiple languages, including English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, and Punjabi. Additionally, there are links to the insurance institute of India portals, corporate agents, and FAQs.

Having the opportunity to become an insurance agent/POSP can be a lucrative and stress-free career path. Without being tied to a desk or a 9-5 job, you can choose your working hours and work from home. The insurance industry or working as a POS advisor is an excellent option for retirees, mothers staying at home, or anyone looking for supplemental income.


Q. How to prepare for the IRDA IC38 exam? 
How to prepare for the insurance agent exam mock test?

Ans. IRDA IC38 Candidates need to prepare themselves well for the exam and the best way to do so is solving multiple mock tests, practice papers, and previous year question papers. The IRDA insurance agent exam mock test mock test series given Above.