The Eight Types Of Interview Question and Answer

Types of Interview

Types of Interview

How many types of interview

Types Of Interview Questions

A.There are such a big amount of styles of interviews

  1. activity Interview
  2. Face facing Interview
  3. cluster Interview
  4. time of day Interview
  5. Panel Interview
  6. Stress Interview
  7. Screening Interview
  8. phone phone Interview

Behavioral Interview:(Activity Interview)

Behavioural Interview

In inactivity interviews, candidates are asked to elucidate their skills, experience, activities, hobbies, college comes, family life – something very – as samples of their past behavior. this sort of interview aims to predict the longer-term supported past experiences. This interview shows the candidate’s disposition in learning, disposition to travel, sureness, and power. hear every question rigorously, and provides associate degree example that has associate degree acceptable description of however you incontestible the required behavior.



Face to face Interview:

Most of the interviews are face-to-face interviews. this is often additionally better-known ancient interview during which job seekers meet the employers in face to face. whether or not you’re an underclassman or knowledgeable about you’re in ought to attend the interview. The advantage of the normal interview is that the leader and job seekers will get to grasp one another regarding their surroundings. In face to face interview, they’ll raise queries just like the strengths and weakness of the candidates, expecting regular payment, etc.,

Face to face Interview


Before the interview, the candidates ought to apprehend the corporate, its merchandise, and money positions. Also, the candidates should be ready with their resumes. Most employers can raise queries from resumes. thus be ready to associate degreed dress showing neatness whereas going for an interview.



Group interview:(Cluster Interview)

Group interviews are conducted by some giant corporations for graduates United Nations agencies are all interviewed at just once. they’ll provide some exercises to resolve in a very cluster and observes however the candidates react with others. The cluster interview can show the candidates

Group Interview

  1. Communication ability
  2. information level
  3. Leadership qualities
  4. Listening capability
  5. Reaction below stress
  6. Teamwork

In a group, interview specific your opinion with confidence and permit others to talk. do not interfere whereas alternative candidates speak. when the interview sends a minimum of one many thanks for a letter, to the top of the committee.

Mealtime Interview:(Time of Day Interview)

For many, interviewing over a meal feels like an expert and biological process catastrophe within the creating. If you’ve got issue mastication gum whereas walking, this might be a challenge. With some preparation and psychological readjustment, you’ll get pleasure from the method. Meals usually have a cementing social effect-breaking bread along tends to facilitate deals, marriages, friendships, and spiritual communion. time of day interviews consider this logic and expand it.

Particularly once your job needs social acuity, corporations need to grasp what you’re like in a very social setting. are you relaxed And be charming in the awkward situation corporations need to watch not solely however you handle a fork, however additionally however you treat your host, the other guests, and also the serving employees?

Mealtime interview

Some basic social tips facilitate ease the quality of blending food with business:

Take cues from your enquirer, memory that you simply are the guest. don’t sit down till your host will. Order one thing slightly less extravagant than your enquirer. If he badly needs you to undertake a specific dish, oblige him. If he recommends an associate degree appetizer to you, he possibly intends to order one himself. don’t begin ingestion till he will. If he orders low and course, don’t leave him ingestion alone.Types Of Interview Questions

If your enquirer needs to speak business, do so. If she and also the alternative guests discuss their coming travel plans or their families, don’t begin a business. try and put aside dietary restrictions and preferences. Remember, the enquirer is your host. it’s rude to be fastidious unless you completely should. If you want to, be as tactful as you’ll.

Choose manageable food things, if potential. Avoid barbeque ribs and pasta. realize a distinct thanks to checking your teeth when ingestion. Excuse yourself from the table for an instant.

  • Practice ingestion and discussing one thing vital at the same time.
  • Thank your enquirer about the meal.

Panel interview:

In Panel interviews or Committee interviews candidates can meet many higher authorities and this methodology is employed to rent for advanced positions. queries are also asked by all panel members and you’ll expect any kind of important queries from them. try and account for all queries and make certain to impress all of the interviewers. The Panel members are alsoPanel interview

  • Employees United Nations agency ar in recruiting team
  • The human resource officer
  • The manager
  • The supervisor
  • The representative

Make eye contact with every member of the panel whereas you respondent the question. getting ready best before the interview can succeed you during this kind of interview.

Stress interview:

A stress interview creates discomfort in you and also the main purpose of a stress interview is to administer you stress and troublesome scenario. this sort of interview is to check the candidate’s ability in nerve-wracking things. The interviewers might try and introduce stress by asking continuous queries while not giving time to assume and answer the queries. beginning you may be asked to attend within the waiting area for associate degree hour before the interview. The enquirer would possibly overtly challenge your believes or judgment. you may be referred to as upon to perform the not possible task of convincing the enquirer to exchange. Answer every question in calm because it comes.Stress interview

The Screening Interview:

Companies use screening tools to make sure that candidates meet minimum qualification needs. laptop programs are among the tools wont to remove unqualified candidates. typically human professionals are the gatekeepers. Screening interviewers usually have honed skills to see whether or not there’s something that may disqualify you for the position. Remember-they oughtn’t to apprehend whether or not you’re the most effective suitable the position, solely whether or not you’re not a match. For this is the main reason, the screen will be pig tend to screen. Screeners can hone in on gaps in your employment history or items of data that look inconsistent.Screening interview


Some tips for maintaining confidence throughout screening interviews:Types Of Interview Questions

  1. Highlight your accomplishments and qualifications.
  2. Get into the easy groove. temperament isn’t as necessary to the guard as validating your qualifications. Answer queries directly and compactly. Save your winning temperament for the person creating hiring decisions!
  3. Be tactful concerning addressing financial gain necessities. provides a vary, and check out to avoid giving specifics by replying, “I would be willing to think about your best provide.”
  4. If the interview is conducted by phone, it’s useful to own note cards along with your important data sitting next to the phone. That way, whether or not the asked catches you sleeping or vacuuming the ground, you’ll be able to switch gears quickly.

Telephone interview:

The telephone interview could be a technique accustomed recruit candidates for employment through the phone. the most purpose of conducting phonephone interviews is to scale back the expenses of the out-of-state or out of city candidates. the phonephone interview is additionally conducted professionally as like different interviews. throughout a interview, you have got to sell yourself solely through your voice and confidence in speech. At the last, if you do not ought to make sure data, take care to provoke the interviewer’s actual title and name orthography, along side a street or email address, so you’ll send a thank-you note. This technique is employed to get extra data a few candidate’s skills and knowledge than will be obtained from the applying or resume.Telephonic interview

In this technique, You ne’er recognize once an organization goes to decision and you’ll not be ready for the interview at that point. this may become one in all the benefits for the corporate to grasp your capability and this case makes them to evaluate you. Most of the businesses use this technique to eliminate the candidates WHO haven’t got essential skills, knowledge, education, etc., Candidates WHO ar capable of the desired position can attend subsequent level face-to-face interview.Types Of Interview Questions