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What are two possible solutions to any Windows computer restarting continuously and never displaying the desktop?

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A computer repeatedly locks without any error message. Which two conditions may be the cause of the problem?

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  1. Several times during the last few days, a user has experienced the Blue Screen of Death when plugging an external hard drive into a laptop via USB. What is a possible solution for this problem?

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A customer using a Windows XP computer is complaining that a new card reader is not working. A technician tests the card reader on a Windows 7 computer and does not detect any problems. What are two possible solutions to the problem with the XP computer?

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Which two operating systems can be upgraded to Windows XP Home

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  1. A user calls the help desk reporting that a laptop is not performing as expected. Upon checking the laptop, a technician notices that some system files have been renamed and file permissions have changed. What could cause these problems?

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  1. What security measure can be used to encrypt the entire volume of a removable drive?

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  1. In what situation will a file on a computer using Windows 8.1 keep its original access permissions?

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  1. A user is browsing the Internet when a rogue pop-up warning message appears indicating that malware has infected the machine. The warning message window is unfamiliar, and the user knows that the computer is already protected by antimalware software. What should the user do in this situation?

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A virus has infected several computers in a small office. It is determined that the virus was spread by a USB drive that was shared by users. What can be done to prevent this problem?

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