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Q.71 Using which keyword we can access the value of the instance variables and class variables of that class inside the method of that class itself.

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Q.72 If a variable is declared final, it must include …………………. value.

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State true or false.

i) Jpanel is a class included in awt package.

ii) Anonymous classes are mostly used for event handling.
iii) Names of anonymous classes must be unique

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Q.74 In Java, a string is a ………….

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Q.75 Methods can be overloaded with a difference only in the type of the return value.

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Q.76 Each method in a java class must have a unique name.

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State true or false.

i) comparisons precede logical operations in java

ii) assignment operations succeed increment operations

iii) arithmetic operations succeed comparisons

iv) x precede +

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Q.78  It is an important feature of java that it always provides a default constructor to a class.

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Q.79 …………….. is the key to ………………

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State true or false.

i) The public can only be assigned to class

ii) Protected protects a statement

iii) Protected method is never accessible outside the package

iv) Friendly variable may be accessible outside the class

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