Kinds of Nouns

Kinds of Nouns

1. Common Noun

Word which are used as names of persons, animal’s, places or things are called Noun

Common Noun : All the Nouns are called Common Nouns.

The word Uncle and Aunt are the names of Person.

The word Horse and Tiger are the name of the animals.

The word zoo and hospital are the name of places.

The word needles and shoe are the name of things.

Some of the common Nouns:

Person :

Teacher, Doctor, Lawyer, Aunt, Uncle, Grocer, Gardener etc.,

Things : thread, shoe, pencils, pen, train, Bus etc.,

Places: zoo, Park, garden, hospital, Museum etc.,

Animals: Horse, Lion, Rabbit, Mouse, Tiger, Cats etc.,

Exercise 1

In each of the lists given below there is one word that does not belong to that list. Pick it out:

  1. maize, barley, wheat, cabbage, oats, gram ________.
  2. iron, zinc, cotton, brass, lead, steel ______.
  3. stairs, floor, ceiling, elm, door, window ______.
  4. bridge, flat, bungalow, cottage, villa, house_______.
  5. beans, peas, potatoes, mutton, carrots, radishes_______.
  6. sparrow, swallow, pigeon, cow, parrot, peacock________.

Ans: 1. cabbage 2. cotton 3. elm 4. bridge 5. mutton 6. cow

2. Proper Noun

Proper Noun is always begins with a capital letters.

A proper noun is called a special name of a particular person or place or things.


Aryan is a Proper Noun, for its same name of one particular boy.

New Delhi is a Proper Noun because it is the name of a particular city.

Look at the below sentences

ramya lives in bangladesh ( it is a wrong)

Ramya lives in Bangladesh ( it is a Right).

Excrcise 2

Below there are twenty words are there. In that ten of them are special names of the person and places But are not printed properly. Pick them and write it correctly.

  1. building
  2. mart smith
  3. mar mody
  4. sri lanka
  5. nagaland
  6. magazine
  7. mountain
  8. emperor
  9. president
  10. theatre
  11. bangladesh
  12. television
  13. autumn
  14. soldier
  15. elephant
  16. shantiniketan
  17. mount everest
  18. miss lily
  19. mr advani
  20. patel road


Mary Smitch, Mrs Mody, Sir Lanka, Nagaland, Bangladesh, Mount Everest, Shantiniketan, Miss Lily, Mr Advam, Patel Road.

Exercise 3

Write the following sentences, by putting in the capital letters where it’s necessary.

  1. the largest city in america in new york.
  2. connaught circus is in new delhi.
  3. king george was the ruler of freak britain.
  4. we sailed to England on the queen elizabeth.
  5. paris is the capital of france.


  1. the largest city in America in new York.
  2. Connaught circus is in new Delhi.
  3. King George was the ruler of freak Britain.
  4. We sailed to England on the queen Elizabeth.
  5. Paris is the capital of France.

3. Collective Noun

When a noun stands for a collection of person or animal or things, considered as one complete whole, it is called Collective Noun.

Example : army, crowd, flock, class.

The word army stands for a collection of soldiers

The word crowd stands for a collection of people.

The word flock stands for a collection of sheep.

The word class stands for a collection of Pupils.

Exercise 4

Each of the phrase below contains a collective Noun. Complete each phrase by putting in the missing word. Choose from the box below.

Biscuits ships stones  bananas flower musicians sheep sticks soldiers cattle

  1. a packet of ______
  2. a bunch of ______
  3. a herd of ______
  4. a flock of ______
  5. a feet of _____
  6. a bouquet of _____
  7. a band of ______
  8. a regiment ______
  9. a bundle of _____
  10. a heap of _____

Answer : 1. biscuits 2. bananas 3. cattle 4. sheep 5. ships 6. flowers 7. musicians 8. soldiers 9. sticks 10. stones

 Exercise 5

Fill in the blanks with suitable Collective Nouns. Choose from the box:

crew army gang swarm wardrobe committee library shoal crew mob

  1. Our teacher has a whole ____ of books.
  2. A ______ of wolves attacked the travellers.
  3. The ______ of soldiers marched into battle.
  4. A _____ of bees flew out of the live.
  5. The police were trying to control the ______
  6. The fisherman saw a big _____ of fish.
  7. A _______ of thieves entered the village at night.
  8. The ship had a _____ of a hundred sailor.
  9. He had a whole _____ of clothes.
  10. A _______ of five was appointed.


  1. library 2. pack 4. swarm 5. mob 6. shoal 7. gang 8. crew 9. wardrobe 10. committee

4. Material Noun

The Nouns are iron, wood, silver, gold and cotton are the names of the material from which things can be made. They are, therefore, called Material Nouns.

A Noun which stands for the matter or substance of which things are made called a Material Noun.

Exercise 6

Below some of sentences are given pick up answer which is suitable for that.

  1. Windowpanes are made of ______ (paper, oil, glass)
  2. Cups are usually made of _____( wood, paper, china)
  3. Tractor are made of _____ (steel, wood, glass)
  4. Tyres are made of (leather, rubber, cloth)
  5. Blankets are made of _____ (glass, paper, wool)
  6. Shirts are made of ______ (nylon, sand, wood)
  7. Sweets are made mostly of _____ (sugar, salt, milk)
  8. Bricks are made of ______ (clay, wood, iron)

Answer :

  1. glass 2. china 3. steel 4. leather 5. wool 6.nylon 7.sugar 8.clay