Kinds of Sentence in English Grammar

Kinds of Sentence

Kinds of Sentence in English Grammar

Look at some of the sentences carefully.

(I) Mr. Gupta is an Indian.

(II) There is no water in th cup.

(III) Is she present in the class?

(IV) What is your name?

(V) Please sit down.

(VI) Open the door.

(VII) Don’t waste money.

(VIII) Hurrah! I got sheild in reward.

(IX) May God bless you!

The above sentences can be express in different meanings:

General way: Mr. Gupta is an Indian and there is no water in the cup.

Question: Is she present in the class? And what is your name?.

Request, order and prohibition: Please sit down, Open the door and Don’t waste money.

Feeling of heart: Hurrah! I Got Sheild in reward.

Wish or desire: May God bless you!

There are five kinds of sentences

  1. Statement ( Assertive Sentence)

  2. Question ( Interrogative Sentence)

  3. Command ( Imperative Sentence)

  4. Exclamation ( Exclamatory Sentence)

  5. Optative ( Optative Sentence)

1. Statement ( Assertive Sentence)

These sentences express (say) in a general way. These are Statements. The sentence which says something in a general way is called Statement.


I. They worked hard to get good marks.

II. Manas does not like shake.

III. Raju takes curd everyday.

IV. We will not go to school tomorrow.

There are two ways of statement

  1. Affirmative Statement.

  2. Negative Statement.

1. Affirmative Statements

These sentences affirm something, So these sentences are Affirmative Statements.


  1. The farmer ploughs the field.

  2. My brother likes french movies.

2. Negative Sentences

These sentences deny something. So these sentences are Negative Sentences.

A Negative Sentences has ‘no’ or ‘not’ in it.


  1. The farmer does not plough the field.

  2. My brother does not like French movies.

2 .Question ( Interrogative Sentence)

The sentence which asks something is called question.

A question begins with eighter Question words( who, what where, when, which, why, whom, and how) or Helping verb ( is, am, are, was, were, has, have, had, do, does, did, can, will, shall, may etc.)

A question ends with a question Mark (?).


  1. Has Rani taken her results?

  2. Does James like Pizza.

  3. What does your brother do.

  4. Where do you study.

3. Command ( Imperative Sentence)

These sentences express order, request prohibited and advice. These are comand.


  1. Sleep on the roof.

  2. Please carry this picture.

  3. Don’t come out of the house early in the morning.

  4. Get up early in the morning.

4. Exclamation ( Exclamatory Sentence)

The below sentences express happiness, sparrow, surprise nd condemnation. These sudden string feelings of heart. These are exclamation.


  1. Hurrah! India won the cricket match.

  2. Alsa! Govind failed in the examination.

  3. How beautiful the building is!

  4. Oh! Sanju fell down from the stairs.

  5. Fie! Fie! Dipu killed a rat.

5. Optative ( Optative Sentence)

A sentence which express wish, desire or pray is called an Optative Sentence.


  1. May Hamid get success in life!

  2. May you become prosperous!

  3. May the president live long!

  4. May God bless Sunita!

1. Read the sentence carefully and write of which kind each sentence is, in the given space:

  1. Who stole my purse? __________________________.

  2. The servant did not bring food. __________________________.

  3. How beautiful the scene is ! __________________________.

  4. He was climbing on the mountain. _________________________.

  5. The machine is not working well __________________________.

  6. Alas! I am finished. __________________________.

  7. Sunni did not earn the chapter. __________________________.

  8. My father is tired of this work. __________________________.

  9. Did the hunter kill the elephant. __________________________.

  10. Go away from the room. __________________________.

  11. Alas! I could not get good marks. _____________________

  12. Mat you be happy always. __________________________.

  13. Taste this sweet. __________________________.

  14. How sad he was in the morn__________________________.

  15. Don’t disturb me. __________________________.

  16. Piyush did not do well. _________________________

  17. Do exercise daily. _________________________________.

  18. Rohit knows were I leave. ___________________________.

  19. India became free in 1947. ___________________________.

  20. May god bless you with a son. ________________________

  21. Does she live in Landon. ____________________________.

  22. Beavol! You have done well. ________________________

  23. Where do you want to live. __________________________.

  24. Will you leave this seat please. _______________________.

2. Fill in the blanks with a suitable groups of meaningful words.

  1. What ? ______________________?

  2. Don’t . ______________________.

  3. How. ______________________.

  4. Was! ______________________!

  5. My mother does not. __________________.

  6. Oh!. ______________________.

  7. Alas!. ______________________.

  8. Is? ______________________?

  9. Hurrah. ______________________.

  10. Fie! fie! ______________________.

  11. ______________________ help me.

  12. ______________________ laughs at the poor.

  13. Will? ______________________?

  14. Hurrah!. ______________________.

  15. Please. ______________________.

  16. May! ______________________!

  17. Did? ______________________?

  18. What a! ______________________!

  19. Our uncle. ______________________.