Machine Learning Introduction

Machine Learning

Machine Learning Introduction

is a field of study that gives computer and capability to learn without being explicitly programmed.

Because if a computer being explicitly programmed and it is doing a particular task that is not a big thing ever computer does that, it takes set of instructions and does some particular to provide input. In the machine learning input and output as a data in. Traditional programming is not working that situation machine Learning will work. Machine Learning we are providing data and program as a input

Machine Learning Introduction

In the machine Learning without providing any instructions form outside it is performing on its own that is what we call it as machine learning.

Example : Online Shopping

Online shopping Flipkart first time when you login into the flipcart account search an item sports, you come out of from the flipcart, after your are login for second time without searching sports items it automatically display the sports items.

Deep learning is a subset of machine Learning, machine Learning is a subset of artificial intelligence.


Introduction to machine Learning