Marketing Research  Series- 3

Quiz On Marketing Research  Series-3

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Marketing Series 3


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21) Despite the data glut that marketing managers receive, they frequently complain that
they lack ________.

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22) The real value of a company's marketing research and information system lies in the _____

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23) What is the first step in the marketing research process?

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24) In CRM, findings about customers discovered through ________ techniques often lead to
marketing opportunities.

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25) What source of marketing information provides ready access to research information, stored
reports, shared work documents, contact information for employees and other stakeholders, and

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26) When managers use small convenience samples such as asking customers what they think or
inviting a small group out to lunch to get reactions, they are using ________.

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27) A common problem in international marketing research is the availability of ________.

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28) Which type of research would be best suited for identifying which demographic groups
prefer diet soft drinks and why they have this preference?

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29) As a small business consultant, you recommend to your clients that they use no-cost methods
of observation to gather market research. Which of the following are you not likely to
recommend your clients do?

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30) Marketing intelligence is everyday information about developments in the marketing
environment that assists marketers in their preparation of their plans and strategies. This
information is obtained from a number of sources and includes which of the following?

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