Electronic Devices and Circuits 2

Electrical Devices and Circuits

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Electronic Devices and Circuits 2


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Which of the following expressions represents the correct distribution of the electrons in the conduction band? (gc(E)=density of quantum states, fF(E)=Fermi dirac probability

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. What is the value of the effective density of states function in the conduction band at 300k?

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in a semiconductor which of the following carries can contribute to the current?

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Q14)    The value of transconductance decreases in simplified low frequency equivalent circuit of n-channel MOSFET due to increase in the value of _______

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Q15)   What is the effect of MOSFET biasing in the saturation region especially while representing the internal resistances and capacitances in n-channel E-MOSFET configuration?

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Q16)   Which among the following are specifically the advantages of bipolar design technology?

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Q17)   Which condition is applicable for a body to be more positive than source in a small signal equivalent circuit of N-type MOSFET inclusive of body effect?

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Q18)   Which among the below mentioned devices acts as a driver in CMOS Inverter Circuit?

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Q19)    Biasing of D-MOSFET in saturation or non-saturation region while using with depletion load device, specifically depends on ______

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Q20)   What is the value of gate-to-source voltage (VGS) for the circuit diagram shown below?

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