Production and Operations Management-13

Production and Operations Management-13 Quiz Competitive Exams RBB,SSC,BBA Enterence exams Solving quiz you will prepare yourself..

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Production and Operations Management 13


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121. Buying according to the requirements is called


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122. Raw Materials and WIP can be classified under

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123. ___________________ establishes the overall production, workforce, and inventory levels.


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124. The master production schedule requires all of the following input except


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125. In a distribution requirements planning environment, forecasted demand at the plant level is equal to __________________ in the distribution center level.


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126. The difference between a gross material requirements plan (gross MRP) and a net material requirements plan (net MRP) is


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127. An MRP system that provides feedback to the capacity plan, master production schedule, and production plans is called


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128. ___________________ determines when specific products will be produced, when specific customer orders will be fulfilled, and what capabilities remain available to satisfy unexpected demand.


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129. __________________ is the amount of new orders necessary to support production of the required output in the next higher level in the bill of materials.


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130. __________________ allows a segment of the master schedule to be designated as "not to be rescheduled."


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