Production and Operations Management-14

Production and Operations Management-14 Quiz Competitive Exams RBB,SSC,BBA Enterence exams Solving quiz you will prepare yourself..

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Production and Operations Management 14


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131. __________________ calculates the timing and quantities of material orders needed to support the master schedule.


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132. Which of the following lot-sizing techniques is likely to prove the most complex to use?


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133. __________________ is a time phased approach to managing the physical distribution environment with dependent demand logic.


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134. The list of quantities of components, ingredients, and materials required to produce a product is the


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135. When a bill-of-materials is used in order to assign an artificial parent to a bill-of-materials, it is usually called a


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136. __________________ can be seen as the amount of new inventory created by production.


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137. A lot-sizing technique that generates exactly what was required to meet the plan is


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138. The operations manager has several tools available to deal with MRP system nervousness. Those tools are


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139. __________________ is the amount of materials necessary to support production of the required output in the next higher level in the bill of materials.


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140. Breaking up the order and running part of it ahead of schedule is known as


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