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PHP Projects mainly contains writing the code and same that code with .php extension. PHP projects they’re compared with other web technologies like HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript, PHP is a server side scripting language it can be run on only server side not in the client side.

If you run the php code in the web browser it will show the entire code. If you are having the server then execute the PHP code,

PHP is a server side scripting languages;

It uses the most of the website in todays, PHP projects for making the website application Apps

PHP Projects Languages before you need to write the real TIME PROJECTS YOU NEED KNOW ABOUT THE PHP code it will be work in PHP, I you learn PHP means it’s not efficient for this you also need to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, Plugins, there will be a two variation in PHP projects PHP 5 and PHP, PHP 7 Does not support MySQL Extension, php code it will connect eighth the dbms and server.

Development Tools:  Text Editor. IDEs and Frame Work.

PHP projects mainly require the PHP scripts. Most of the PHP script is written in the Notepad.

  • Open the Notepad
  • Select a new file in the notepad
  • Write the PHP code
  • Save the Code using .PHP Extension

This is the way of writing the php program. Some of the php code editor and Advanced editor:

Notepad is the text editor is the efficiently to write the code and allow the code code while enjoying the code writing the syntax, some of the php code editor

  • Atom
  • Notepad
  • Notepad++
  • Sublime Text
  • Komodo Edit
  • Brackets
  • Visual Studio Cod

PHP is the comprehensive Development tool for developing the php projects you can selected the IDE there are several while IDE in that you need to add testing the Debugging, Version Control.

Some of the PHP IDE is there

  • Rapid PHP editor
  • Zend Studio
  • PhpStorm
  • Komodo
  • Eclipse
  • NetBens

PHP frame work is primarily employed for web development. In   that you can create web apps, web development projects using Text editor end IDE. Php frameworks for web development.

DBMS (Database Management System):

Every project we need some date to that we need to use dbms. If the projects are running is a small amount that time you need to use the small file and you can easily managed, if the bigger file are available there is huge files and complexity is also more the data becomes large.

To store this kind of data we need to use the bdms. There are lots of dbms and available for working in a php.

Some of them are included

  • IBM Db2- it is used for ERP and E-Commerce
  • MySQL this is the most commonly used database for PHP development. Dbms is an open source database, it is available for both free and paid. In the PHP 5 command sasql_Connection (). PHP 7 is for MySQL
  • Oracle Database: this is used for Linux window based server. OCI8 extension.
  • PostgreSQL: this is the advanced open source relation database. To connect the PHP i.e. pg_connect() Command

Where you get the PHP Projects:

There are several website are available in Google, but I recommend you where I purchase the PHP projects with less cost and Features more.

  • We don’t worry about how to install the software
  • Software install then how where the code has to sore
  • How to run that code
  • Very thing should be explained here


  • Installation
  • How to run Project
  • Synopsys
  • Project Report
  • Documentation
  • PPT

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