Basic Electronics-2

Physics Basic Electricity-2 Multiple Choice Question Answers for all competitive exams Preparation for NEET / JEE Advance , JEE and KSET Preparation.

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Basic Electronics 2


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The depletion mode of MOSFET resemble semantically in the behaviour of JFET due to copious increase in ______.

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 Which property of MOSFET distinguishes it from JFET regarding to voltage application in addition to operational strategies and mechanisms?

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The enhancement type basically termed as normally-OFF MOSFET works only with _______.

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  Which MOSFET allows the flow of drain current even with zero gate to source voltage just due to existence of channel between drain and source terminals?

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Where is the current source connected in JFET common gate amplifier circuit configuration in the midst of input and output terminals so as to generate the gain of gmVgs?

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 The voltage gain of common drain JFET amplifier equals to unity only when ______.

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 Which type of JFET amplifier circuit is also known as 'Source Follower' according to configurational strategic point of view?

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 What is the voltage gain of below drawn JFET CS amplifier circuit whose transconductance and drain to source resistance values are 2000 μS & 200 k Ω respectively?

JFEET CS Amplifier

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The tremendous increase in the value of input capacitance usually considered as noxious for high-frequency operations of common source JFET amplifier, is an ultimate outcome of _______.

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Which phenomenon occurs between the input signal at the gate and output signal at the drain in the operational mode of common source JFET amplifier?

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