Basic Electronics-6

Physics Basic Electricity-6 Multiple Choice Question Answers for all competitive exams Preparation for NEET / JEE Advance , JEE and KSET Preparation.

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Basic Electronics 6


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The direction arrow head placed on the emitter of a transistor represents

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The direction of flow of electron is _______ to the direction of motion holes

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During normal working of transistor as amplifier the emitter diode is

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varying the input current by varying the input voltage at constant output voltage is

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varying the output current by varying the output voltage at constant  input current is

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the ratio of change in emitter current to the change in base is

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A _________ circuit has a very high input resistance and a very low output resistance

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In the saturation region the emitter base and collector base junction are _______ biased

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In the cut off region the emitter base and the collector base junctions are _______ biased

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The intersection of DC LOAD line and the output characteristics of a transistor is called _______________

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The reverse saturation current doubles for every _________ degree rise in temperature

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The process of adding impurity to pure semiconductor material in order to increase its conductivity is called as ______

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