Basic Electronics-1

Physics Basic Electricity-1 Multiple Choice Question Answers for all competitive exams Preparation for NEET / JEE Advance , JEE and KSET Preparation.

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Basic Electronics 1


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  What is the major functioning role of VVR in the multistage AGC amplifier circuit during an increment in the signal level?

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The rectified & filtered signal taken at a high level point in AGC amplifier generates _______.

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 How does the FET operate before the pinch-off region with small value of drain-to-source voltage in accordance to the control of drain-to-source resistance by the bias voltage?

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  How are the zener diodes placed internally in MOSFETs so as to provide defence from the hazardous consequences of stray voltages?

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 FETs are widely applicable in oscilloscopes and voltmeters as an input amplifier as compared to bipolar transistors due to ______.

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  What is the computational the value of drain current for gate-to-source voltage (VGS) of about 6V in the below drawn schematic diagram of E-MOSFET along with ID(ON) = 2mA at VGS & VGS(threshold) of about 12V & 4V respectively?

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How is the layer of P-substrate, that intimate the provision of channel for electrons by touching substrate to metal -oxide film with the semantic behaviour of N-channel, can be referred as?

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The input current of JFET and MOSFET are basically the leakage currents of  ______ & ______ respectively

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   Which action plays a significant role in enhancing the conductivity of channel by inducing the free electrons especially in enhancement mode of N-channel MOSFET?

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 The operation of De-MOSFET under the application of positive gate is also known as ________.

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