Electric Charges and Fields-1

Physics Multiple Choice Question Answers for all competitive exams Preparation for NEEET / JEE and KEA Preparation Electric Charges and Fields-1.

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Electric Charges and Fields 1


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a soap bubble is given a positive charge then its radius

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in non uniform electric field, electric dipole experiances

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an electron is sent in a electric field of magnitude 9.1*10^Nc^-1 the acceleration the acceleration produced in it is

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2 points charges +8q, -8q are located at v=0, v=L respectively the location of a print on v-Axis at which the net electric field due to these two point charges b is zero

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The graph drawn between v and r for a non conducting charged solid sphere of radius R for 1<R will be

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corona discharge takes place

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the unit of intensity of electric field is

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1v is equal to

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the belt vande graaf generators gets charged by

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quantisation of charge implies

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