Electric Charges and Fields-3

Physics Multiple Choice Question Answers for all competitive exams Preparation for NEEET / JEE and KSET Preparation Electric Charges and Fields-3.

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Electric Charges and Fields 3


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work done in rotating electric dipole in an field

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If sphere of bad conduction is given charge than it is distributed on

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Electric field in a cavity of metal

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Dielectric constant of metal is

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1 column b= ?

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Which one of the following is the unit of (charge) electric field

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Three charges +3q +q & q are placed on a straight line with equal seperation In order to make the net force on q to be zero the value of q will be

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if an electric bipolar is kept in uniform electric field then resultsnt electric force on it is

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number of electrons taken out from a body 1c of charge will be

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each of the two point charges are doubled and have distance is halved force of interaction becomes p type w where p is

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