Electric Potential and Capacitance-1

Physics Electric Potential and Capacitance-1 Multiple Choice Question Answers for all competitive exams Preparation for NEET / JEE Advance , JEE and KSET Preparation.

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Electric Potential and Capacitance 1


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Which of the following is blocked by a capacitor

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The capacitance of capacitor will decrease if we introduce a slab of

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In which of the from energy is stored in capacitor

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2 conducting spheres of radii r1 & r2 are equally charged the ratio of there potential is

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The P.E of an electric dip[ole is maximum when it makes an angle thita with electrified

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An electron initially at rest is accelerated through a potential difference of one volt the energy gained by electron is

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Choose S.I unit of electric potential energy

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A capacitor is connected to a cell of emf having some internal resistance r1 the across the

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The charged is moved from low to high potential again the electric potential energy

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A capacitor is connected across battery and plate separation of capacitor increased without removing the battery then

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