Electric Potential and Capacitance-3

Physics Electric Potential and Capacitance-3 Multiple Choice Question Answers for all competitive exams Preparation for NEET / JEE Advance , JEE and KSET Preparation.

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Electric Potential and Capacitance 3


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Choose a vector physical quantity

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The surface density of charge is measured as

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A polythene piece is rubbed with wood is found to have a negative charge carriers of 6.4*10^9 how many electrons have been transferred during the process

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In above questions reffered to

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From above refrence to mass transferred to polythene is

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Number of electrons in 100g water is

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A uniform electric field of 10NC^-1 exists in a vertically downward direction what is the increase in electric potential as one goes up with a height of 300cm

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The electric potential of earth is taken as

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In a region of constant potential

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Consider a uniform electric field in the dielectron the potential is

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