Physics Electricity-1 Multiple Choice Question Answers for all competitive exams Preparation for NEET / JEE Advance and KSET Preparation.

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Electricity 1


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A galvanometer acting as volt meter will have with its coil

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When three identical bulbs of identical bulbs of 60W 200 V rating are connected in series to a 200V supply the power drawn by them will be

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n resistances each of r ohm are connected in parallel gives an equivalent resistances were connected in series the combination would have a resistance in ohm is equal to


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Why is the wheatstone bridge more accounts than other methods of measuring resistances is

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Ohms law is valid when the temperature of conductor is

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The emf of car battery is about

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Emf iS measured in

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1 kilowatt hour is commonly known as

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How many joules are equal to 1 KWh

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The speed at which the current travels in a conductor is nearly

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