Electronic Devices and Circuits-10

Physics Electronic Devices and Circuits-10 Multiple Choice Question Answers for all competitive exams Preparation for NEEET / JEE and KEA Preparation.

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Electronic Devices and Circuits 10


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Q91)     Which among the below specified conditions is responsible to drive a low resistance load by the current amplifier circuit?

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Q92)   What should be the value of input resistance for an ideal voltage amplifier circuit?

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Q93)    Which among the following parameter/s increase/s due to positive feedback?
A. Input voltage
B. Output Voltage
C. Noise
D. Voltage Gain

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Q94)   Which among the following plays a cardinal role in providing the transition capacitance in hybrid π model?

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Q95)   Which capacitance/s in hybrid π model represent/s the storage of excess minority carriers at the base emitter junction?

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Q97)  Which resistance in hybrid π model of transistor represents the bulk resistance present between the external base terminal and the virtual base?

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Q98)   Why do the internal capacitances of transistor at low frequencies treated as open circuits by completely neglecting their effects in analysis?

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Q99)    What does an arrow indicate in the below drawn schematic for frequency response curve of RC coupled amplifier?

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Q99)    What should be the gain of an amplifier at 20 kHz if the half power frequencies are fL = 20 Hz and fH = 15 kHz along with mid band gain = 80?

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100)  Which region/s in frequency response curve of an amplifier maintains the constant level of gain and output voltage?

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