Electronic Devices and Circuits-8

Physics Electronic Devices and Circuits-8 Multiple Choice Question Answers for all competitive exams Preparation for NEEET / JEE and KEA Preparation.

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Electronic Devices and Circuits 8


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Q71)   What should be the level of input resistance to allow the occurrence of source loading in common base amplifier configuration?

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Q72)    Which type of amplifiers exhibit the current gain approximately equal to unity without any current amplification?

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Q73)   Generally, the resistance of thermistor decreases _______

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Q74)   What are the consequences of diode compensation for the change in base-to-emitter voltage (VBE) due to temperature?

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Q75)  What is /are the purpose/s of adopting stabilization and compensation techniques?

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Q76)   What should be the value of stability factor in voltage divider circuit, if the ratio RB / RE tends to infinity?

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Q77)  What would happen if 180° phase shifted signal between input voltage (Vi) and drain-to-source voltage (VGS) will be passed through the output coupling capacitor during the operation of MOSFET as an amplifier?

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Q78)   Which among the below stated consequences occur in the negative half-cycle during the operation of MOSFET as an amplifier?

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Q79)   The output signal generated corresponding to the magnified input signal by a linear amplifier is _________  A. Larger in size
B. Smaller in size
C. Similar in shape as that of input signal
D. Different in shape as that of input signal

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Q80)  Near-avalanche breakdown in MOSFET is an ultimate outcome of _________

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