Electronic Devices and Circuits-7

Physics Electronic Devices and Circuits-7 Multiple Choice Question Answers for all competitive exams Preparation for NEEET / JEE and KEA Preparation.

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Electronic Devices and Circuits 7


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Q61)   What would be the computational value of feedback voltage in a negative feedback amplifier with A = 100, β = 0.03 and input signal voltage = 30 mV?

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Q62)   Which among the following is an output provided by transresistance amplifier?

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Q63)   Which among the following will possess a higher bandwidth, if two transistors are provided with unity gain frequency?

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Q64)   Which among the following represents the frequency at which short circuit CE current gain acquires unit magnitude?

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Q65)  The cut-off frequency (fβ) is basically the frequency at which the short circuit

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Q66)   Which among the below specified parameters exhibit inverse relationship with an input conductance of hybrid π model?

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Q67)   The rate of -20 dB/decade is almost equivalent to __________

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Q68)   Fidelity is nothing but an ability of amplifier to reproduce ________

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Q69)  The value of dBm in power measurement is estimated by assuming the reference ,which is equal to ________


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Q70)   The parameter 'h12' is basically a ratio of input voltage to the output voltage with the input current equal to _______

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