Electronic Devices and Circuits 5

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Electronic Devices and Circuits 5


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Q41)  Which among the below stated notations of h-parameters is used to represent the short-circuit forward current transfer ratio?

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Q42)    Which among the below specified conditions is applicable to prevent the occurrence of thermal runaway in voltage divider bias circuit?

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Q43)   On which factor/s do/does the value of thermal resistance depend?

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Q44)   Which techniques is/are adopted for reducing the drift in the operating point especially when the loss of signal is intolerable?

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Q45)  Which process plays a crucial role in devising the independency of operating point over the variations in temperature or transistor parameters?

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Q46)   Which among the below mentioned implementation strategies is/are precise to obtain an AC equivalent circuit of MOSFET?

A. Replacement of all capacitors by open circuits
B. Replacement of all capacitors by short circuits
C. Setting of all DC voltages to zero
D. Setting of all DC voltages to unity

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Q48)   What should be the value of transconductance, if N-channel E-MOSFET is biased in saturation region with the conduction parameter (k) = 0.836 mA/ V2 and drain current (ID) = 1.5 mA?

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Q18)  Which type of temperature dependent resistor exhibits a positive temperature coefficient of resistivity?

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Q49)   What does an arrow indicate in the below drawn graph of small signal operation executed by MOSFET?

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Q50)  Under which category/region of the below specified regions does EMOSFET operate for switching-based applications?

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