Electronic Devices and Circuits 3

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Electronic Devices and Circuits 3


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Q21)   Which resistance plays a significant role in stabilization of Q-point for self-biasing circuit of BJT?

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Q22)    What is the significance of adopting an interdigitated structure of power transistors?

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Q23)   Which among the below mentioned reasons is/are responsible for the occurrence of second breakdown phenomenon in power BJT?

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Q23)    Which types of power transistors have the capability to withstand the higher junction temperatures?

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Q25)   Which among the below stated parameters gets affected due to drift region in the power transistor?

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Q26)    Which among the following oscillators are specifically preferred at high frequencies?

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Q27)   Which among the following measures is/are adopted/used for improving the frequency stability in Colpitt's oscillator?

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Q28)   According to the property of tuned circuit used in LC oscillators, the decay rate is proportional to________

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Q28)   What are the consequences over the non-linear distortion by the inception of negative feedback?

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Q29)  Stability of a transfer gain is generally defined as the reciprocal of _______

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