Project Management Series-3

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Projects Series 3


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Q21. What should managers consider before conducting a performance evaluation
interview with a project team member?

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Q22. Which statement describes best handling of assumptions during the initiating

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Q23. A WBS dictionary is a document which…2

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Q24. You are in the process of contacting sellers to obtain bids and proposals. You
found out that it might become a time-consuming procedure to ensure that the
sellers get a clear and common understanding of the procurement process and of
the needs of your project. Which technique may help you save time?

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Q25. As a project manager, when should you especially consider cultural differences?

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Q26. At the beginning of project execution, you notice different opinions between team
members relating to project work and deliverables and to the level of overall
complexity. What should you do right now?

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Q27. You have just taken over as manager of a project that will create many benefits
for the performing organization, but you sense a high level of resistance in
various stakeholders right from the start. What is the most appropriate action to
resolve the problem?2

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Q28. You are in the process of planning a project and found that stakeholders often
have varying objectives and requirements. This makes it hard to come up with a
plan with which all objectives will be met. What is probably most helpful to
ensure common understanding?

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Q29. Projects frequently do not meet customer expectations for which of the following

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Q30. What is typical for critical path project management?

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