Project Management Series-5

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Projects Series 5


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Q41. During project execution you found out that work is often not performed at the
right time and in the right order. Deliverables are made by one team member
that cannot be processed by another one. This already leads to timely rework and
bad morale among team members.
Which project management tool is most appropriate to deal with problems like

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Q42. Your management is applying the 10 percent solution: It has requested that you
reduce the budget for the project which you are currently initiating by 10%. What
will this probably mean for your project?

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Q43. While applying procurement management processes in your project, you
identified the need to gain a more objective understanding of sellers’ capabilities
in order to rank proposals and develop a negotiating sequence.
Which technique may help avoid bias and subjective decisions best?

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Q44. During code inspection in a major software development project, a project
management team identified frequent occurrences of critical programming errors.
These errors are scattered across the code and occur without a discernible
Which tool is most likely to help the team identify areas of error concentration in
order to develop a prioritized response strategy?

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Q45. The term baseline is used in both disciplines project management and
configuration management. Which statement is not true?4

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Q46. In a project, a cost incentive contract has been awarded to a contractor with the
following parameters:Target cost: $1,000,000
Target contractor fee: $100,0Cost benefit sharing ratio: 80%/20%
Price ceiling: $1,200,000

What is the point of total assumption (PTA, breakpoint) of the project

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47. The scope baseline includes____.

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Q48. During human resource planning you identified that your team members are not
sufficiently qualified for their tasks. Which may be an appropriate solution to this

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49. What is typical for high-context cultures?

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Q50. In general, processes of configuration management do not include…

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