Project Management Series-6

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Projects Series 6


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Q51. The ________ is a document which describes how the project management team
will implement the performing organization’s quality policy.

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Q52. What do you expect when you are submitting an invitation for bid to sellers?

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Q53. What is important for quality auditors?

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Q54. What is best used to calculate the profit from an internal project?

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Q55. You are running a major project with four sub-projects. Each of the sub-project
managers has developed a risk management plan, identified many risks,
analyzed them and planned for risk response.

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Q56. What is true for statistical sampling?

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Q57. Geert Hofstede’s cultural dimension of individualism refers to…

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Q58. What is not true for change requests?

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Q59. When you perform quality assurance in your project, which technique could you
typically use?1

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Q60. A project manager’s PDM network schedule gets audited by a scheduling expert.
The expert tells the project manager to focus more on nodes with “path
convergence”, also known as “sinks”. What is the person referring to?6

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