Project Management Series-8

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Projects Series 8


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Q70. Which statement describes best the purpose of the communications management

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Q72. Which of the following are not common barriers to project team building?

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Q73.The situational leadership model as defined by Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard
consists of the stages___

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Q74. While executing a project, you sense a slightly negative attitude in your team.
Which type of document do you now need, among others, to better understand
and then be able to improve the situation?

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Q75. The sales representative of your company recently contacted you. You made
some estimates on direct costs for an offer on a firm fixed-price contract.
According to company policies, indirect costs (overheads) are to be calculated as
a percentage of the direct costs, the sum of both cost types caused him to
calculate a far too high price. How should you not react?

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Q76. A project charter is a document that…7

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Q77. You identified a technical risk in your project and assigned a contingency for that.
Planning contingency reserves is part of which risk response strategy?

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Q78. Which concept of locating team members can help them best to enhance their
performance as a team?

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Q79. Which statement on constructive changes is false?7

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Q80. You are assigned as a project manager for an internal project. During cost
planning and budgeting you discovered that there are peak times of costs during
the project and other times when costs are fairly low. What could this mean for
the project?

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