Project Management  Series-9

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Projects Series 9


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Q81. You are going to take over a new project as the project manager in an enterprise
unknown to you. What should you investigate during the chartering process? 8

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Q82. A project was budgeted at $1,000,000. Meanwhile, the project is executed, and
the following current figures have been assessed:
PV: $500,000
EV: $450,000
AC: $550,000
Assuming that the cost variance was caused by one-time cost drivers, which are
no more effective, what estimate at completion (EaC) can you derive from these
figures? 8

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Q83. An organization is considering various contract types in order to motivate sellers
and to ensure preferential treatment. What should they consider before deciding
to use an award fee contract?

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Q84. What is least important when it comes to archiving project records? 8

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Q85. _______ are not necessarily used to establish the cost baseline of a project.

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Q86. You took over a customer project for your company. From the inputs available,
including contract, statement of work and project charter, you have developed a
project management plan.
You already presented that plan in a meeting with key stakeholders including
your project sponsor and some representatives from the customer organization.
During the meeting you sensed a high level of dissatisfaction by the customer
executives, who signaled that the project might not produce the results that their
company had expected. In your understanding, all necessary actions have been
planned to meet the customer’s requirements.
What should you do next?8

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Q87. A project was assessed and the following earned value data have been found:
PV: $750,000
EV: $750,000
AC: $900,000
What is the burn rate of the project?

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88. What is not true for project deliverables?

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89. Your project, performed for a customer, is coming to an end. The customer has
been contractually granted a three years warranty period for the product of the
project. What should you do first?

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Q90. Being the project manager in a high-risk electronics project with a lot of new
technologies, you developed a risk management plan and identified risks which
you documented in a risk register. Then, the risks were analyzed and response
was planned.

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