Project Management  Series-11

Project Management  Series-11 quiz for students and teachers Competitive Exams RBB, SSC, MBA, B.Com, BBA Enterence exams Solving quiz you will prepare yourself..

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Projects Series 11


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101. During planning processes, you used Monte Carlo simulation to quantitatively
assess cost and schedule risks of your project. During risk control, you repeat the
technique, and it leads to different results. What should not be the reason for

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Q102. As a project manager you can assign any one of two team members to a highly
coveted task. Both are equally capable, but one of them is a member of your ingroup. To the other one, you have far more distance.

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Q103. You need a batch of 100 identical valves which will be custom made for your
project to build a food processing plant. There is a risk of deterioration of victuals
during processing; therefore you placed requirements on the quality of the raw
materials for the valves, which will make production very costly.
Unfortunately, in order to test the valves against these requirements, you would
have to destroy them. And you have no experience with the vendors at all. What
should you do? 103

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104. Which statement is false? Progressive elaboration of project scope…

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Q105. You are managing an internationally dispersed project team. The members of
your team have different cultural backgrounds and primary languages, but all are
educated and able to communicate eloquently in English. You should nevertheless
bear in mind that…

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Q107. When identifying the basis of the business need for a project all of the following
can be considered except____,

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Q108. Your project exceeded costs in the past caused by an underestimation of
resource costs in the cost baseline:
PV: $1,200,000, EV: $1,000,000, AC: $1,200,000
You expect the underestimation to influence the future as much as it did in the
If the value of the remaining work (BAC – EV) is at $1,000,000, what should be
your new EAC (estimate at completion)?

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Q109. What is true for the process of scope validation?

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Q110. You finished your project for a customer to implement a business software
solution. All deliverables have been handed over and are already in use by the
company. There is a minor last payment to be made by the customer on contract
closure. You believe that it is now getting time to finally close the contract with
the customer and then administratively close down the project.
You approached the customer this morning and found that they are reluctant to
finally close the

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