Project Management  Series-13

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Projects Series 13


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Q121. _______ is normally not a method of RoI (return on investment) analysis.1

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Q122. What is the most important benefit of a 360 degree review?

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Q123. You are using a phase gate approach for your project. What do you need to

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Q124. Post mortem earned value analysis of a project showed the following data:
SPI: 0.78
CPI: 1.00
What is this telling you? 1

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Q125. A project has undergone a major scope change, which increased cost and work
levels. What does this mean for earned value data?

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Q126. Which statement describes best the meaning of leadership?

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Q127. As a project manager, you must demonstrate transparency regarding…

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Q128. Who should always issue the project charter?

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Q129. You are planning quality management for your project. How can a process
flowchart help you

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Q130. A difference between a statement of work and a scope statement is

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