Project Management  Series-15

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Projects Series 15


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Q141. You are running a project to engineer and implement a set of business processes
and a software solution for customer relationship management. The project
involves a big number of performing organizations―a major corporation and
many suppliers of different sizes.
During the project you observed a restraining effect of differences between the
companies’ corporate cultures. This leads to different expectations on how such a
project should be handled and to frequent misunderstandings between
stakeholders. Another effect is a growing degree of distrust and skepticism.
What should you try first to integrate the diverse stakeholder groups?

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Q142. During execution of your project you have observed that a team member is
getting isolated by other team members. Which is a wrong approach in such a

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QIn an organization, project managers report directly to the head of a project
management office (PMO). In this case, which statement is probably not true?

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Q144. What is the five whys method used for?

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Q145. The use of scarce resources must be decided upon with functional managers
before it causes delays in your project. Which is probably your most important
skill right now?

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Q146. Which question is not appropriate for a weighting system to evaluate seller’s
performance according to weighted criteria? 1

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Q147.Which is not an example of a correctly handled contract closure procedure?

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Q148. You gathered a lot of knowledge on project management in your business life.
What is an appropriate use for that?

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Q149. Respect is.....

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Q150. During a post-mortem meeting, discussion arises about who has to take
responsibility for some major failures. It has become obvious that the attendees
of the meeting will not come to a jointly accepted conclusion.
What is not an appropriate strategy for such a situation?

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