1st PUC Biology Series-14

Physics 1st PUC Biology Series-14 Multiple Choice Question Answers for all competitive exams Preparation for NEET / JEE Advance , JEE, JEE main and KSET Preparation.

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1st PUC Biology Series 14


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13. The sporozoites  that cause infection when a female Anopheles mosquito bites human being is formed in:


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14. The disease chikunguniya is transmitted  by:

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15. Many diseases can be diagnosed  by observing  the symptoms  in the patient. Which group of symptoms are indicative of pneumonia?

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18. When an apparently healthy person is diagnosed as unhealthy by a psychiatrist, the reason could be that:

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20. AIDS is caused by HIV. Among the following,  which one is not a mode of transmission of HIV?

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101   which of the following countries has  the highest biodiversity?

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102).  Which of the following is not a cause for loss of biodiversity?

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103.  Which of the following is not a invasive alien species in the Indian context?

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104).   Where among the following will you find pitcher plant?

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105). Which of the following  is not a major characteristic feature of biodiversity hot spots?

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106. Match the animals given in colomn A with their location in column B:

Column A                column B

I   Dodo                   (a)   Africa

ii  Quagga                (b)  Russia

iii  Thylacine             (c)   Mauritius

iv)  Stellar's sea cow  (d)    Australia

Choose the correct math the following

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107.  What is common to the following plants: Nepenthes, Psilotum, Rauwolfia and Aconitum?

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