Python Programming Quiz

Python Programming Quiz

Python Programming Quiz, In this section you need to know about complete the python programming , Introduction of python programming. and how to write python programming.

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python Programming

python Programming

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What is output for −' ' in 'python’?

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What is output for following code

y =[4,5,1j]

sort ()


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Pylab is a package that combine _______,________&______ into a single namespace.

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Suppose we have a set a = {10,9,8,7}, and we execute a. remove (14) what will happen?

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What will be the output of the following code?

deftotal (initial =5,*num,**key):

count = initial

for n in num:


for k in key:


return count

print (total (100,2,3, clouds=50, stars=100))

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What happens in the below code?

class A:

def __in it__ (self, i=100):

self. I=i

class B(A):

def __init__ (self, j=0):


defmain ():

b=B ()

print (b.i)

print (b.j)

main ()

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Best part is you can display images in various options in Python. Select the option where you can display an image

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Which code can be used as an input dialog named ''Is this a character?

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Which event among them is fired when the right mouse button is released?

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What is the out of the code?

def rev_func (x, length):

print(x[length-1], end='''')

rev_func (x, length-1)

x= [11,12,13,14,15]


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