Relative Pronouns

The Relative Pronouns

The Pronoun who, whom, whose, which and that which join two sentences and refer back to Nouns going before them are called Relative Pronouns.


  1. I met a man. He was riding an ass.

  2. I met a man who was riding an ass.

The Noun to which a Relative Pronoun refers or relates is called it’s Antecedent.


  1. The Antecedent of who is ‘man’, Whose does two things.


Pick out the Relative Pronouns and their Antecedent in the following sentences.

Relative Pronouns Antecedent

  1. Where is the pen which I gave you? _______ _______

  2. Here is the girl who won the first prize. _______ _______

  3. This is the house that my uncle built. _______ _______

  4. I do not know the woman who thanked me. _______ _______

  5. This is the man who helped me. _______ _______

  6. He was a great leader whom all people respected. _______ _______

  7. Bring me the clothes which the washerman brought. _______ _______

  8. This is the man whose son was killed in an accident. _______ _______

  9. Is this cap that you broke. _______ _______

  10. The answer which that you gave is not right. _______ _______


Fill in the blanks with Relative Pronouns in the following sentences.

  1. The pen _______ I bought was soon lost by me.

  2. These are the books _______ I have read.

  3. Here is the man _______ I met yesterday.

  4. This is the book _______ I brought yesterday.

  5. We love those persons _______ are kind to us.

  6. The house in _______ I live is a good one.

  7. These are the boys _______ are made to see.

  8. These are the knives _______ are made of steel.

  9. The girl _______you met is my sister.

  10. The snake _______ bit you has been killed.


Join each pair of sentences into one sentence, using who, whose, whom, which or that.


  1. This is the girl. Her courage saved us.

  2. Delhi is the capital of India, it stands on the Yamuna.

  3. John is the intelligent boy. All the teachers like him.

  4. The boy has hurt his leg. He fell of his bicycle.

  1. Here are the pencils. You lost them yesterday.

  1. He is a rogue. Nobody trust him.

  1. This is the juggler. We saw him yesterday.

  1. Here are the books. I brought them yesterday.

  1. She wore a beautiful ring. It was made of gold.

  1. We met the sailors. Their ship was wrecked.



  1. Which for

  2. Who girl

  3. That house

  4. Who woman

  5. Who man

  6. Whom respected

  7. Which clothes

  8. Whom man

  9. That cup

  10. Which answer


  1. Which

  2. Which

  3. Whom

  4. That

  5. Who

  6. Which

  7. Whom

  8. Which

  9. Whom

  10. Which


1 is the girl whose courage saved us.

  1. is the capital which is started on Yamuna.

  2. John is intelligent whom all teachers liked.

  3. The boy has hurt which leg it.

  4. Which are the pencil you lost their yesterday.

  5. He is a which nobody trust me.

  6. This is the juggle that saw him yesterday.

  7. Here are two books which taught them yesterday.

  8. The Covered beautiful ring which made of gold.

  9. We met the salilers whom that stich was corrected.