Sentence in English Grammar

Sentence in English Grammar


A sentence is a group of word which makes a complete sense.

A group of words must be remain in proper order

Every sentence must start with a capital letters and end with full stop ( . ).

Some of the examples of a words make a complete sense.


  1. The mam works in the office.

  2. Ganpat paints the cupboard

  3. The frog jumped into the river.

  4. Arya plays with his toys.

  5. The sky is clear and full of starts at night.

  6. Shruti helps the needy.

  7. Birds live in nests.

  8. The girl had pictures in her hand.

  9. Chintu works in the field.

  10. Stars shine in the blue sky.

1. Below some of groups of words are given. Rewrite these groups of words in a proper order to frame meaningful sentences:

I. The, examining, is, patient, doctor, the. __________________.

II. Fairy tales, the full, book, is, of. ________________________.

III. Forest, the, dance, in, wolf, the. _________________________.

IV. To, book, me, this, belongs. ____________________________.

V. Last, the Saturday, day, week, of, is. _____________________.

VI. Hindi, india, people, in, speak. __________________________.

VII. Shed, lives, the, in, cow, the. ___________________________.

VIII. Met, Sarita, market, Vinod, the, in. ______________________.

IX. To, Ranjni, about, Radha, Priya, spoke. ___________________.

X. Is, painting, painter, the board, the. ______________________.

2. Below some of groups of words are given. Rewrite these groups of words in a proper order to frame meaningful sentences:

  1. city beautiful is Dehradun. __________________________.

  2. forest lives in the near the. __________________________.

  3. up gets morning the in early Rani. _____________________.

  4. pets Nitu her very loves much. _______________________.

  5. useful cow’s very is milk. ___________________________.

  6. food my cooks sister kitchen the in. ___________________.

  7. very is interesting essay this. _________________________.

  8. desert the camel in walks the. ________________________.

  9. to spoke fairy the John. _____________________________.

  10. are boys football in playing field the. __________________.

  11. elders we obey must our. ____________________________.

  12. river the holy is a Saraswati. _________________________.

  13. lazy girl Manu a is. _________________________________.

  14. cries loudly monkey the. ____________________________.

  15. she Telugu fluently speaks. __________________________.

  16. gone out has wife my. ______________________________.

  17. i agree with hardly you. ____________________________.

  18. him cruel killed the enemy. __________________________.

  19. go us let for walk a. ________________________________.

  20. fond of I milk am. _________________________________.

3. Rewrite the following sentences using capital letters and full sentences necessary.

  1. i met my friend in the garden. ________________________.

  2. he and his brother are good player. ____________________.

  3. the gurugranths sahib is holy book. ____________________.

  4. he reads the Bible daily. _____________________________.

  5. punnet loves to play cricket. _________________________.

  6. there are thirty-one days in the month of January. ________.

  7. jenifer completed her work. __________________________.

  8. it is very hot in July. ________________________________.

  9. people speak English all over the world. ________________.

  10. the dram is very boring. _____________________________.

  11. the dog watches the house at night. ____________________.

  12. the month of february has twenty eight days. ____________.